1. Peer Support Hotline (Not Available during exams and holidays)

Life is like a rollercoaster. Ups and downs are inevitable. Whenever you want to find someone to talk to, uBuddies are always here waiting for you.  

We received 16 hours of peer counselling training and passed the strict appraisal. All peer counselors will strictly abide by the confidentiality agreement, protecting the privacy of every visitor. Our goal is to make the peer support hotline the most reassuring channel for students to pour out their worries.   

Hotline: 0755-84273294  

Time: Mon. to Fri. 19:00-21:00 

2. Peer Counselling  (Not Available during exams and holidays)

In addition to the peer support hotline, do you want to talk to peer counselors face to face? uBuddies prepared peer counselling service for you! 

Here, we still strictly abide by the confidentiality agreement. Before every counselling session, both student and counsellor will sign a formal confidentiality form, putting students' privacy in the first place. We have set up a real-name system for peer counsellors and an appointment system for consultation. We have also added several new peer counselors this semester, so that students can find the suitable time and counselors.

Venue: Peer Counseling Room of Muse College, Harmonia College, Shaw College and Diligentia College,Student Centre 405.

 Make an appointment 

Appointment Link: https://apply.cuhk.edu.cn/matrix-base/rs/plan/UB

We Are Hoping…

  • Your troubles will be understood
  • Your stories will be heard
  • Your campus life will be enriched
  • Being with us and close to your soul